What We Do

Bespoke Development

Development of IT systems is a Sapphire core service. Since we've been successfully developing systems for over 30 years, you could say "it's embedded in our DNA".

We undertake our development projects based upon:

  • clear and agreed requirements that still allow for flexibility and change;
  • an iterative & consultative approach ensuring what we build moves with our clients' changing requirements;
  • a determination to remain technology independent until technology choice is the matter to be decided.

Technical Services

When the technology involved in a solution needs to be decided, Sapphire's 30+ years of developing systems enables consideration and use of:

  • Open Source Technologies such as PHP, WordPress & MySQL;
  • Microsoft Technologies such as SQL-Server & .Net;
  • Specialist Technologies such as DataEase & NetPlus.


Sapphire has provided High Level advice and consultancy services to a range of companies, from multinationals to boutique concerns. The cornerstone of our approach are:

  • we do not compromise integrity to sweeten the outcome; the client deserves the truth, even if it is not pleasant to hear;
  • we focus completely on the client requirements and the assignment delivery; internal politics and distractions just waste time and energy;
  • we never assume that we know our clients' business; we extensively involve them in the process and capitalise on the huge knowledge they have;
  • we communicate constantly and without compromise; whatever the news, it's not good if it is delivered late.